Tabernacle Choir Stage Crew

What is involved being on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s stage crew? Watch this quick video to get a glimpse in the day of the life of a stage crew member the day of broadcast:

Stage crew members arrive at Temple Square by 6:30 in the morning, make last minute tweaks to the setup of the orchestra chairs before the Orchestra at Temple Square arrives. When we’re in the Conference Center, the instruments are often lifted up and down by hand. Most of the time when we’re in the Tabernacle, we’re able to use a lift that rises in and out of the stage floor to bring instruments down to the basement. Immediately before the broadcast’s run-through, we cover up the empty chairs with black drapes to make them appear like they are not there. After the actual broadcast, we fold up the drapes, check the loft to make sure nobody left their belongings behind. Some weekends involve a full strike (eg. for stake conferences and other events). The stage crew is one of the first teams to arrive and one of the last to leave.

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