Well, this should be the last of the weekly updates as I’ll transition to writing a daily blog post. 

We’ll begin with Monday as we’ve done the in the past like two years. It was a fairly uneventful day as far as things I did. I found many jobs to apply to–and I applied for them. Then, it was time to head to family home evening, which was held at President Brickey’s home. A good friend of mine gave the lesson, and then we had ice cream floats (Root Beer, Orange, and Grape sodas were provided). Yummy!!! Then it was off to go home for a good night’s rest. 

Tuesday began with the donating of plasma.  I received $25 for so doing. I received several callbacks for interviews and a few rejections too.

Wednesday was a bit disappointing as I had completed an application to go to an open interview event to find out that based on my application they already assumed I wouldn’t be a good fit. Like what? You invite me to this event and refuse to hire me based off some sheet of paper or a page on the internet? Right…

Thursday was again fairly uneventful. As far as the job hunt went, I had a super successful interview at Office Max, with them immediately setting up a second interview for a few days later. The condo association here at the place I live at had a potluck meal which I stopped at quickly for a bite to eat. Then it was time for institute and we had a fantastic lesson on being Saviours on Mount Zion, meaning sharing the gospel with the people we meet in this earthly existence as well as doing temple and family history work.

Friday was another open interview event at West Business Services. Before that I donated plasma and received $50 for doing so, I also began to write a composition of Antonin Dvorak’s “Songs My Mother Taught Me” for organ solo, which I plan on publishing at http://music.blodgettmedia.com. Then, we had a very active weather pattern role through the area and I caught a lot of it on film, which can be found on my YouTube channel. We then had a good game of basketball and building cleaning for YSA branch sports night.

Saturday, my dear Mother and I began the day by organizing our storage locker and then I worked out followed by my next interview at Office Max, which went quite well. I then fixed my bike and went to an interesting lesson with the Missionaries. I rode my, what feels like new, bike for approximately 12.3 miles. I love exercising!

Sunday was an eventful day. It began by running through my talk that I gave last week because I was about to give it again. Then, I went to Neenah thanks to a member of the branch who gave me a ride. We first had a Boom of Mormon/Breakfast class, then we had church which was great to see a few of the friends I left behind nearly three years ago. It felt so good to be back in that building for a worship service. I played the organ in addition to giving my talk. I then came home to finish the song I had been writing earlier in the week.