Happy Belated Cesar Chavez Day!

Your reaction to my subject will probably be the same reaction I had when I heard that libraries were closed yesterday and preparation day was postponed to today. Cesar Chavez was some sort of Latino migrant worker reformation person.
Anywho, it’s been an exciting week. We’ll skip ahead to Tuesday since not much occurred on Monday. We got weekly planning done in record time since we’ve been here in Sylmar. I suppose it helps that we’ve dropped a lot of investigators because of lack of real intent and don’t need to take as long for planning. We’ve been focusing a lot on finding as of late.
Wednesday, we spent a bit of time organizing our area book. It was the first time since we’ve been here that we’ve taken time to actually sit down and look at things like former investigators and potential investigators. Plus, we got a current ward list so we’re trying to figure out who is in our area and who is in the Sister’s area so we don’t go outside of ours by accident. We had a knockout exchange with our District Leader, I went with Elder Durrant. We found a new investigator for the Spanish Sisters that cover our area that was fun.
Thursday, I got what is lovingly called the “Pink Monster.” It requests which airport I want to fly in to and where to send the itinerary. I put you down and ATW for the airport. We also had what was the first district meeting we had in like 3 weeks. After district meeting we had a really interesting lesson with an investigator we’ve had struggles meeting with for a few weeks because of some surgery she had. I don’t know how prepared she is based off our conversation, but her ex-husband and her two sons are member and she has a quad! After that lesson, we helped one of her neighbours set up a TV.
Friday, we did some service at a food pantry. It was nice to be able to do service again. It’s unfortunate that we haven’t done so in a while. Friday evening was tough. Elder P has been struggling taking the lead and I’ve been inviting him to do so. This particular evening, I got a little fed up with it so I decided that I wasn’t going to go anywhere unless he rode in front. We stood there for an hour until finally he started walking his bike–home. There we stayed for the rest of the evening.
Saturday, we had coordination which went a lot better than what I heard went down the previous week. However, I came prepared with my copy of Handbook 2 as well as my Missionary Handbook and Preach My Gospel. We had an awesome take-home meal from a Filipino member. Yay fish!
Sunday was church and it was ward conference. The choir piece that I accompanied went very well. Later, we taught a couple of non-progressing investigators who we told that there wasn’t much we could do with them until they do their part. We had a good knockout and an awesome dinner with Brother Gardner, he is the funniest member here and has lots of cool stories.
Monday, the biggest highlight of the day was having interviews with President Henrie. I think I’m finally getting to like him. It’s only taken almost two years.


Elder Blodgett

California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints