The Rain Keeps Coming

This has been an exciting week. We’ve visited a of people and seen a lot of miracles from working with the ward members to random referrals we weren’t expecting.

Monday, we finished our preparation day by visiting as many members of the ward prior to our special ward council meeting that would happen the next day. The subject of the meeting was to go through the ward list and get as much updated information as possible so the ward can focus on the people who actually live within the boundaries of the ward. We wanted to show that we were actually working so we visited as much people as we could last week and this week too.
Tuesday we did our weekly planning and that was followed by visiting one of our recent converts. He was heading out to go to figure skating practice plus his house was being used to film a TV show. Go figure? We then went to KnockOut which was followed by a quick dinner and the ward list meeting.
Wednesday, we went for a nice 5k run, I’m trying to convince Elder Postelnicu to come running more for exercise, but that’s been quite slow. For exercise as of late, all four of us are lifiting weights in the apartment.
Thursday, we had an awesome district meeting about working with the members. Elder Postelnicu and I gave a ten minute training on how to share messages with the members (i.e. at dinner time).
Friday we had a lot more rain. I believe we also were able to gain a lot of trust from the members because of it to. We had a few return appointments set which we managed after many phone calls to many members to have a few come to these appointments. They were impressed by the fact that we were out working in the rain and that following the fact that we were stood-up by the potential investigator that we still set out in the rain to find more people to teach. Our second member present then took us in his car and drove us around to our various people that we wanted to visit. It was also nice to be relatively dry between homes.
On Saturday we stopped by one of our investigators and taught her about the purpose of temples and family history work. We then biked to a returning member in our ward and had a great time talking to her 8 year old son about baptism through the Book of Mormon Stories book. We then had lunch with her too. We had a coordination meeting for the first time in several weeks because our Ward Mission Leader hasn’t been too active in his calling so we had one with a member of the Bishopric.
Sunday, we found out we’d be getting a new ward mission leader from the Bishop. He told us enough that we figured out who it was. It was pretty funny. I taught gospel principles which was cool and it was about prayer.
Over all, it was a really productive week.
Elder Blodgett