Is This The El Nino That Thou Hast Spoken Of?

This week we’ve had a bunch of rain, apparently 4 or 5″ just this week. Apparently we’re due for some more next week also. I guess the el nino that was “prophesied” by meteorologists to come last year finally came…this year. I’m glad that the person who persuaded me that I needed a rain coat in California persuaded me because it’s come in handy, especially this week.
Wednesday, we had a service project at Operation Gratitude. It’s a missionary favorite place to do service and the people there love us. We helped by sorting a lot of donations that they had recently brought in as part of their Christmas initiative. After the service project, we headed back home for lunch and weekly planning.
Thursday, we had an awesome district meeting about seeking for, receiving, and acting on revelation. In the meeting, the spirit was very thick. It was also nice to meet our new district.
Friday we visited a lot of people. We were able to pick up a new investigator on this day. We wanted to stop by a less active member, and so we did and her roommate or something (unsure of what their relationship is) was there and taught her and her roommate and picked him up as a new investigator. Later after KnockOut, we had a difficult time talking to people because a lot of our area was in a blackout due to a power outage and people were less than impressed by us visiting during it. #SorryNotSorry
Saturday it was raining a lot. We attempted to stay “dry” but after just a few minutes out biking we realized that attempt was quite in vain. We were biking through intersections that were completely flooded so we just decided to go at a normal pace because either way we were going to get drenched. Thankfully by around 2pm it had let up.
Sunday was nice because we spent most of it indoors. It was raining just as much, if not more than Saturday. President Henrie even cancelled KnockOut because the rain was bad enough in his eyes. I thought otherwise…We visited a few people but sadly they weren’t home.
Being companions with Elder Postelnicu is okay so far. He’s really quiet so I have to squeeze a lot of words out of him, but that gives me a nice challenge to work on this transfer.


Elder Blodgett

California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints