2017 Off to a Great Start

All things considered, 2017 has started with a bang! We’ve picked up several new investigators this week and after all the work we’ve put in the past five weeks it’s nice to start to see some progression here in the Sherman Oaks ward.
On Tuesday, I did the Blazin’ challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings. Contrary to what I may have said about it, it’s actually 12 wings in 6 minutes. I may have said 2 minutes. I was wrong about that. Any ways I accomplished it in 4 minutes! So yes, I won! I got a free t-shirt and the manager was so impressed by all of us missionaries who were there to support me and another missionary that did it also that he paid for our entire meal for FREE! Video coming shortly. The rest of the day, I felt the effects of eating that many wings as I had some major diarrhea.
Wednesday we once again did weekly planning and that went well. We didn’t have a lot to plan for because our investigators the past few weeks have been kinda flaky and we haven’t taught the lessons we’ve been planning on teaching so it has been making planning a breeze. We had a few appointments scheduled for the day but nobody was home when we showed up.
Thursday we had an awesome district meeting about extending and following up on commitments which was one of my goals for the week to be better at so it was nice to have a training on that in district meeting.
On Friday we picked up a new investigator who speaks Farsi, so we’ll probably end up referring him to Farsi missionaries from another mission but cover our mission as well as part of their area. He seems to be really interested in learning more. We visited a bunch of people and taught a few less active lessons, sadly most of them work on Sundays which makes things really difficult. The twins continue to be pretty busy and we’ve been giving them some space but we don’t want to just be on the sidelines either so Friday evening we went and had dinner at the restaurant that one of them works at. We were a little disappointed that we didn’t see her at her cashier position but then after we ordered we went around a corner and saw that she was on break so we managed to have a nice little conversation with her before she had to go back. They have robotics competitions the next month or so, so that makes getting them baptized a little difficult.
On Saturday we visited a lot of people who told us to come back on Saturday, but to our dismay, they weren’t as interested as they said they were earlier in the week. We picked up another new investigator during KnockOut who seems super interested and wants the rest of his family to be taught as well.
Sunday was great. We had coordination meeting and ward council. I once again played the organ which was fun. We also had fast and testimony meeting too, which is great in this ward, compared to Van Nuys. After KnockOut, we had dinner with our Bishop and his wife plus a less active family that we’ve been teaching for a few weeks and we had an FHE of sorts with them. 


Elder Blodgett

California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints