Tuesday P-Day

Just for all of those people who were expecting this email yesterday, sorry. Preparation day was pushed back a day because the libraries were closed yesterday because of the darn corporate world having “Christmas Day Observance” and will happen again next week because of the same thing.
Anyways it’s been a good week or so. It’s been a little slow with the holidays, a lot of our appointments have fell through in addition to a lot of our investigators hesitating to even set appointments this week. It must be nice to be a missionary elsewhere, where school and work stays on until the day or two before the holiday and resumes the day or two after it also. Despite working and so on, people in our teaching pools at least have a more consistent work schedule.
We spent a lot of time this week caroling. On Tuesday, we sang carols nearby one of our investigators. They had some time for us to at least drop off some cookies, which they much appreciated. Back to caroling, one person that we sang to was so impressed by our visit that she called the rest of her family who was there to celebrate a family member’s birthday in and they all had their phones out to record us singing. Music brings the spirit in all situations. We’re planning on stopping by them again this week.
Thursday we had an awesome district meeting about how we can be more consecrated missionaries. Part of it was based out of Preach My Gospel and another part of it was based off of a talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles speaking about how the experience ancient Apostle Peter had with the Risen Lord asking him to leave behind fishing fish and be a fisher of men.
Friday we went Christmas caroling as a district during knockout. We all switched up who would stay behind and talk with the person, but at each door we would begin by singing a Christmas carol. It was a lot of fun. Later on in the evening, it rained super hard. Probably the hardest on my mission. We even had lightning and thunder which made me super happy. 
Christmas Eve day, we made brownies for another round of district caroling. This time, hitting up all of our investigators. Before that, we had a Christmas Devotional as a mission. There were 3 of the 6 zones present, the other 3 had theirs the day before. I played an arrangement I wrote several weeks prior of “Angels We Have Heard on High” on the organ. The caroling was fun. We then helped a member of our ward move a table out her apartment before coming home for the night.
On Christmas day, of chorus, we had sacrament meeting and skyped. Afterwards, we had an amazing meal with the member that had us over for skyping. We then visited a couple of our investigators, the twins and a new investigator Stephanie. We wanted to wish them a merry Christmas and find out why they hadn’t come to church. Stephanie wasn’t home and apparently the twins had slept in. We then went to our bishop’s house for another meal, even though we were all overly stuffed. After we ate, we played Mormon Taboo.
Yesterday was a work day, we visited with quite a few of the active members of the ward so we could get to know them more. We haven’t had a bunch of dinners so it’s been kind of difficult getting to know them all. We also had a few appointments set which cancelled last minute which was a little disappointing because we even had fellowshippers arranged to come and the whole works.
Talk to all y’all next year!


Elder Blodgett

California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints