Tuesday P-day again

It’s been a rough week. Our investigators have been quite flaky and it’s been stressing the both of us out a lot. We’re still working hard to find new people, teach at every opportunity, and hopefully to get in better contact with those that have at least prior to our coming into the area had an interest in being taught.
It all started last week but it all culminated this week when we stopped by the twins after they hadn’t been responding to our texts. They had made several trips and when we visited with them this week we found out that not only was school starting again but they’re doing track and won’t have a lot of time to meet. Our goal is to get the members fellowshipping them as much as possible and hopefully have them get them out to church. They haven’t even been to church for several weeks. The ward misses them a lot.
Wednesday, due to the holiday shift of p-day schedule was our weekly planning. We’re getting awfully frustrated and devastated, as preach my gospel tells us to act, as we’ve been setting the goals and acting in faith to teach these people and it’s not working out.
Thursday was district meeting and the entire time was involved in setting goals as a district for the month of January. We were able to contact a referral we had been struggling to contact for a while, unfortunately he wasn’t interested, but it was comforting to remove that burden from our shoulders.
Friday morning we started by visiting the twins which is when we found out all the information above. Kinda sad to see some people who are so great and know that the gospel and the church is true, choose to set different priorities in life. We then went on exchanges, I went with Elder Turner. We visited a few people and then we went to this awesome mexican grill, Sharky’s. One of the twins works there and got us a twenty percent discount. I was popping pepperoncini peppers the entire time we were there and Elder Turner persuaded me to bring more home. I did and when I was eating them at home and everybody else saw that I eating them, completely unfazed, that I should do the Blazin’ Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings, which we’re doing as soon as we’re done emailing.
Saturday, we continued on with the exchange. We worked hard, but didn’t find many people home. All of a sudden, around 4pm we started finding people home and had two spur-of-the-moment member meals. We got them super pumped to do missionary work. It was awesome.
Sunday was church. We all thought it would be fast sunday, but to our dismay it wasn’t. We kept fasting though because we all had a purpose and found it better to keep on fasting than to complain and just quit all of a sudden. We went to a baptism after church, it was the baptism of Raymond Montiel, one of our investigators Elder Smith and I taught in Van Nuys.
Yesterday was another work day. We visited a lot of people and had missionary correlation meeting. Knockout went well and we taught one of our other investigators. It was so relieving that somebody stuck to their appointment. Afterwards we biked up this huge hill to attempt to drop off a copy of Book of Mormon Stories, but they weren’t home. We then came home, and I found that I had a package! Grandma’s ought-to-be world-famous chex mix! Yum!

Elder Blodgett

California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints