We had an amazing week here in Sherman Oaks. The Spirit has been super strong and we’ve seen a bunch of miracles.
Monday was a really busy for preparation day and after we had dinner, we made a really long bike ride up a hill to attempt to drop off a copy Book of Mormon Stories for a potential, but sadly they weren’t home and that took up all of the first day of the week.
Tuesday, we had a very revelatory weekly planning session, admittedly we were a bit distracted at times but, when we were focused we really sought for and obtained the direction from the Spirit how to help our investigators we are currently teaching.
Wednesday because we are still unfamiliar with our area, we have been trying to visit as many people as we can instead of doing service and other normal activities. We ended doing a knockout exchange with our district leaders so I ended up being back with Elder Turner for a couple of hours. While knocking, we found a super amazing investigator for another area of our mission. What was cool was that I was able to tell him who the missionaries were that would be teaching him and that he’d be in good hands. He accepted a Book of Mormon and committed to meeting with missionaries. After our knockout exchange, we taught our investigator family, the mother and her two daughters. It was an amazing lesson. This is a miracle that I sent into our mission hotline:
“We had a super bomb lesson with our investigator family tonight. They consist of a mother and her two daughters. During the lesson, the mother more or less rejected [what was being taught] and asked us not to push her or her daughters. Meanwhile during the lesson, the daughters, whose faith we marveled at tonight, testified boldly to their mother that they are ready to commit to baptism. Also, just yesterday (Tuesday), they were in a store signing up for a college discount. When the employee asked where they were planning on going, they replied BYU. The employee said he was an inactive member, so the daughters told him that it was time for him to come back to church. #EveryInvestigatorAMissionary”
Thursday we attended the temple. I must apologize here. I misplaced the family file cards. It wasn’t until after the temple trip that I found them. I hope I still know where they are in May for the departing temple trip.
Friday we had a great day. We had district meeting this week and went really well. We talked about how we can relate the life of Jesus Christ to our missionary efforts.
Saturday, we had a mission-wide service project at Operation Gratitude. We were hoping to go to a baptism, but sadly we weren’t able to go to it, but on our last night before transfer calls in Copper Hill, we found a really awesome 17 year old investigator. He was baptized this past Saturday. That is definitely a miracle for me.
Sunday was church again and I once again played the organ for sacrament meeting. A lot of the members want me to stay for the rest of my mission. That is something that I wouldn’t mind doing! We had a fairly uneventful rest of our day after that.
I love being a missionary. I both want my mission to end and not to end. I just love working with people even though I hate it. I love love-hate relationships.


Elder Blodgett

California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints