God Works in Mysterious Ways

Going back almost a week and a half ago, we had district meeting. While we were there, our district leader, Elder Mahlum invited us to think about a goal that we could work on for the next transfer. Well, this week was the onset of that goal. God works in mysterious ways and you should always be careful of what you ask for.
Our first week in Sherman Oaks has been interesting but quite wonderful. I love Elder Smith and I’m glad that I’m still with him for yet another transfer.

Sherman Oaks has quite a few people on the ward list, partly because a lot of people are less active and the other part because the ward list needs a bit of clean up. Attendance as we saw just yesterday was not a lot, but it felt homey and comfortable to be at.
Tuesday was dedicated to getting transferred and unpacking our bags before knockout. After knockout, we had dinner at the church. We were certain that we wouldn’t be there for long, but as it turned out we were wrong. We ended up staying the entire night between dinner and helping set up a little bit for the ward’s christmas dinner that would take place later in the week.
Wednesday was weekly planning (it is always on Wednesdays the week of transfers). We spent almost all day after studies going through the area book and trying to understand who is who and their progress. Later in the evening, we visited a lot of the people we read about in the area book despite the fact that a few of them weren’t home.
Because this is the first week in the month, we didn’t have district meeting which is normally held on Thursdays. So we visited as many people as we could. It turned out to be a huge blessing. We found several people that we had designed to visit, including a couple members and some of our investigator family. It is always great when we are able visit people before Sunday. The members that we visited are great and our investigators are a bit interesting. We shared with our investigators the Christmas video which they really liked. And this is where my goal that I set at district meeting started to be answered. The investigators we met with are both are 18 year old girls, twins, technically YSA age but the Mother, also an investigator who wasn’t home when we went by were the first answer, I suppose, to my prayer that I might not dwell too much on getting home in a few months and starting to date. Thanks Heavenly Father, I love thine sense of humour.
Friday was fairly uneventful, but it was indeed great. Because it was the first week of the month, we instead had zone training meeting instead of district meeting. The spirit was strong and we learned a lot about how to be better missionaries via the scriptures.
Saturday we attended a baptismal service for an investigator Elder Smith taught in one of his previous areas. It was a great service despite the fact that before the baptism, President Henrie pulled me aside to let me know that I needed to speak with him afterwards. Boy does that make a missionary nervous. Afterwards we spoke and he told me the news. Yet another answer to my goal and my prayer to accomplish it, this time to not worry about my family back home and trust in God that they will be alright. Again, thanks Heavenly Father for thine sense of humour.
Sunday was great we had church, this time in the morning, instead of around noon. We are in the same church building that the Van Nuys ward meets in, which is cool because I am still able to mingle with familiar faces. I played the organ for sacrament meeting and then Elder Smith and I taught gospel principles afterwards which was a lot of fun.
All in all, it’s been a great week and as for the goals I set and the prayers I said to have the faith and strength necessary to accomplish them, I think I’m doing alright. I love you all, this work is the Lord’s work!


Elder Blodgett

California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints