So, we found out about transfers. We’re both staying together, apparently moving to a new ward (to be determined) and apartments. This should prove to be an interesting transfer again.
This has been a really fun week despite transfers looming around the corner.
On Tuesday, we had an awesome day of weekly planning. It took us all day until knockout to get it finished because we also had to find areas in which other people would knock as part of a zone blitz which happened later in the week on Thursday. Afterward we taught several less active members of our ward using the Christmas initiative.
On Wednesday, we did service for a Spanish non-denominational Christian church before visiting a bunch of people. After knockout we were supposed to receive dinner from a member at 6:30 and with poor communication between us and the member we ended up waiting until almost 8pm until we ate and we were unable to do any work that day. We both felt bad about that.
Thursday we had an awesome district meeting where we set goals as a district. That was followed by a zone blitz and we picked up a bunch of potentials only to find out we won’t be there to see their progression.
On Friday we had an exchange with our district leaders which went really well. I went with Elder Mahlum and we taught a recent convert that evening. Here in our mission, we do exchanges from mid-day to mid-day, so in the morning, I needed new bike pedals because mine were cracking plus a new back gear because a part inside the gears had gone bad. That cost $63 (see follow-up email). We managed to teach one of their investigators later that afternoon.
Sunday was a sad day. I know last time I served in this ward I wasn’t exactly sad to leave, I was more or less excited. This time however was quite sad. I actually grew to love the area, the members and non-members alike.
I love serving a mission and getting to know the people I am privileged to serve.


Elder Blodgett

California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints