Fast Week

Boy, this week breezed on by. Literally and figuratively. It has been a fantastic week and we’ve seen a lot of miracles.
Flashback to a week and a half ago Tuesday, we decided to elevate our goals.
We set high goals with the intention of working hard to achieve the higher goals and it worked.
So, now let’s move back to the week we’re currently in. ¬†On Tuesday, we had our weekly planning. Afterwards, we set out to work. We found a new investigator at dinner time. We had dinner with a semi-recent convert. They had a friend over and we taught her the Restoration message and invited her to read the Book of Mormon. She agreed to us continuing to teach us. Yay!
Wednesday, we decided to forgo doing a regular service project we often do and instead went to visit a lot of people. We had been hoping to receive a referral. We weren’t terribly disappointed that we hadn’t received one as it was merely Wednesday. However, much to our surprise, just as we had finished visiting all the people we had hoped to visit and still had time left over to visit, we received a referral. So we visited him and contacted him even though he wasn’t the least bit interested.
On Thursday we had an amazing district meeting on finding and the importance of fasting.
Friday went on exchanges. I went on what would be the equivalent of my grandson. In the mission life. It is said that if you train someone, you’re their dad and they’re your son. So I went on exchanges with my trainee’s trainee. So in other words, my Son’s Son, or grandson. Anywho, Elder Johnson is a great missionary and I enjoyed our 24 hours together. We taught several less-active lessons what went very well.
Saturday, during the exchange, we found several new investigators as a result of visiting and checking in on other investigators/former investigators/potential investigators. After the exchange we went by all of our other investigators to remind them about church the next day even though none of them came.
Sunday was a fun day. Ha ha! We had an awesome time at church and afterwards we did knockout. We were invited to attend ward pie night. I made some pumpkin pie for the event since I had some canned pumpkin sitting in my cupboard. I put it good use by making the pie. YUMM! The other pies were also delicious. Sunday was also my 18-month mark. I’ve done a whole sister’s mission. WHOA! I now have six months left starting this Wednesday at which point I start 6 months to sexy.
What a week!
Elder Blodgett
California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints