Working Hard and Sick…at the Same Time!

Hi Mom! It’s been a crazy week. Having a cold made it a bit stressful, but it was still a lot of fun.
So Monday we had epic meal with a member at Hometown Buffet. It was super fun and we ate a lot of food. I love being around the members.
Tuesday we had weekly planning which was nice because we could stay in the apartment and stay nice and cozy too. It wasn’t until we hit the streets that I realized how bad this cold was. I felt miserable. We managed to visit a lot of people that day but I was slowly getting worse as the day went a long and I slowly was more and more out of it.
Wednesday was even worse. We had interviews with President Henrie which was great and I somehow had enough energy to walk to interviews in a suit and all but it wasn’t until we went to do some service later in the day that I felt like I hit a brick wall. We had TWO dinners that evening with some less active members of our ward which is when I found out who won the elections: Yay Trump! Well, sorta, because both options from what limited information I’ve heard about the two as a missionary was that both options were less than ideal.
Anywho, Thursday was my last day of feeling like a bag of garbage. We had a cool zone lunch and I brought a can of a diet soda that I’ll leave nameless (do you know who I’m paraphrasing?) and a couple of pulled chicken sandwhiches. We then had district meeting immediately afterwards which was about the importance of once again why we must open our mouths and how to help our investigators attend church, a common problem in our mission. Afterwards we had knockout and had an awesome lasagna dinner despite being out of energy and wishing to be in bed.
Thursday night I found some Robitussen which helped me to have a fantastic night’s sleep, and as I soon discovered as we went out to proselyte on Friday that my energy was back and I wasn’t feeling like garbage. I still had a cough and a runny nose, but that’s manageable.
Saturday we made a lot of visits. We were scheduled to have a meal with a member but he had to change the time around and instead have dinner at a restaurant. We were told we could pick where to have the meal and having been so impressed by dinner at Hometown Buffet, we couldn’t resist. Yay!
Sunday was church and we had an awesome sacrament meeting. The senior couple who serves in the ward spoke and they gave amazing talks on hastening the work in the Kingdom. Afterwards in priesthood I came down with a headache so when we got home I took some meds and took a nap before knockout.
It was a crazy week, but we toughened through it and all is much better now. Hope all is well at home!