Back in Van Nuys!

Well, after approximately 7 months of not being allowed to email. I’m back! Also, after 6 months being away from the ghetto of the California San Fernando mission called Van Nuys, I’m back here too!
Monday was transfer email day and the anticipation, the nervousness, etc could not have been more rampant. First glance at the transfer email was “Really?” After I got to Van Nuys, I was excited to be here, six weeks was not long enough to be in the ward last time.
Tuesday was actual transfer day, filled with packing, taking a break to go eat at a really awesome burger joint “Rustic Burger” on a gift card from a member and then gettting all of our stuff to the parking lot exchange. It was quite the ordeal but somehow or another we got all of our stuff there and then to Van Nuys. It seems as if the mission Toyota Corollas have like this magical limitless trunk space even though they really don’t. Later in the evening we met with Bishop and that’s when it hit, Van Nuys is a great ward and that I’m ready to serve here.
Wednesday we did our weekly planning and got to work. As crazy as the people that live in the San Fernando valley are, it was once again fascinating to be able to be back and talk with people who are that much more interested in hearing the gospel.
Thursday was district meeting. I met with Elder Lisonbee, the senior couple missionary who President Henrie assigned to me to help me through the Addiction Recovery Program booklet, and was the final step towards allowing me to email you today. District meeting was great it was exciting to meet my new district. They’re pretty awesome!
On Fridays, we have this awesome nonmember we do service for. She is an Armenian and we do gardening for her. This week we planted a bunch of trees for her. Afterwards, she cooked us a good home cooked Armenian meal.
Saturday was a special day. We had ward missionary coordination meeting. It was once again good to see our ward mission leader again. He is so amazing. We also have a new senior couple in the ward. The Sellens are home in Alaska and the new couple is the Strouds from North Carolina.
Sunday was church and it felt homey which would not have been the way I described church last time I was in Van Nuys. Gospel principles was about marriage and the 5th Sunday lesson was about budgeting.
My new companion, Elder Smith, is amazing! He’s from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Elder Blodgett