Two Flats and Two Patches

We’ve had quite the week.  We have had a lot of crazy experiences.

On Monday, somebody had an idea that we would have a zone fast on preparation day.  So, for our zone activity we had a huge potluck meal to end our fast.

Tuesday morning we did some service for a member of our ward who will be going on a senior couple mission next month.  That was followed by weekly planning and some other visits that we needed to make.

Wednesday, Elder turner had a doctor’s appointment followed by a super awesome church tour and lesson with our investigator Bill.

Thursday was district meeting which was fun.  We talked about how invitation leads people to people to act.  We had a super awesome dinner with our ward mission leader.

On Friday, we did service at a local park raking a bunch of leaves.  Tis the season!  Following that we had a blitz in a nearby ward.  Plus, we did a mall booth as a way to talk to more people.

Saturday morning we made a lot of visits, and that was followed by us getting free bike tune ups from a member.  Mine didn’t take too long, but Elder Turner’s took a while.  When all was said and done, our bikes felt really nice and we had smooth riding.

Sunday at church was great.  The couple that is going on their mission gave their farewell talks, which were fantastic.  Sunday was one of the days I got a flat on our way to knock out so I had to carry my bike about 3 or 4 miles.  Ugh!  It was exhausting.

It took me longer to get this in the mail because I thought I would have gotten your letter by now, but I haven’t. (It turned out that Mom forgot to put the apartment # on the envelope so it came back to Wisconsin before being sent back to California.)