First Week in Copper Hill has been a blast!

This has been a great week thus far.  Copper Hill is amazing, the people are wonderful, and my companion is super amazing.

The work is a bit slower up here in the Santa Clarita valley, but that is okay.  The nice thing about serving up here is that when we find people, they’re pretty solid people who are willing to act.

Bike is a lot more fun up here.  We’re pretty much always going up or down hill.  Not flat like when I was in Van Nuys with Elder Thompson.  I’m definitely gaining muscle in my legs.

We have a couple of investigators here. One is Bill, been taught now for about a month, and he’s been reading the Book of Mormon and praying.  His job is currently keeping him from coming to church.  The other is a new investigator named Gwen who is 14 and is a freshman in high school.

Elder Turner is a lot of fun.  We get along wonderfully.  We have both been Elder Agamata’s companion at some point.  It’s been nice to destress about being with him with Elder Turner.  He’s from Idaho.

Here’s a spiritual thought for everyone.  A man decided to sell his grand piano. Normally it would be valued at $10,000.  However, there was a rattle in it so he was selling it for $3,000.  The man had looked all over for it in the piano, and brought in several piano repairmen to find it, but they could not.  So, he sold his piano for $7,000 less than what it was worth.  The man who bought it and took it home eventually found the rattle, a cheap 2 cent marble that had cost the seller $7,000.  Don’t let 2 cent marbles get in the way of us being all that we can be in this life.

That story (although I paraphrased it a lot), was given by Brother Banry of the high council in sacrament meeting yesterday.

Love, Elder Allen Blodgett