Happy Labor Day!

It’s been another interesting week as a trio.  I’m not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse, but we’ve once again picked up more investigators than we can seem to handle.  We have 30 investigators.  It is next to impossible to keep up with them.

Once again, I’m slightly of the opinion that I hope and I want to get transferred away from Elder Agamata again.  What happened is as follows.  We were having companionship study and we were discussing an investigator whom we wanted to extend a baptismal invitation to.  We were discussing it amongst ourselves when Elder Carroll and myself felt that we should extend a certain date, but Elder Agamata felt another date should be extended.  After careful pondering our three points of view remained the same.  Frustrated after feeling the spirit so strongly, I could not hold back the frustration and asked why he could not respect the revelation that his other two companions had received.

What is described here is not an isolated incident.  It happened approximately two weeks ago when I felt that we needed to change where we did knock out.  It also seems to happen a lot between Elder Agamata and Elder Carroll.  Elder Carroll may be new, but he is still entitled to receive revelation for our area, for our investigators, etc.  He is very good at asking us for feedback on how the lessons go, because he wants to improve.  I’m of the opinion that our lessons together have been great.  We’ve felt the Spirit and that our investigators have felt the Spirit.  That is all that matters.  We use our unique teaching skills so that we might be able to be conduits for the Spirit.  However, Elder Agamata doesn’t quite grasp that concept.  He is a very “my way or the highway” kind of person, and as such he never seems to like how any lesson goes because we didn’t teach it his way.  I have a strong testimony of the fact that we both learn from and teach our companions.  Sadly, I feel that after all I have learned from Elder Agamata, I get the impression that he doesn’t try to learn very much from me.  I think that it is what truly prevents us from working in unity and I really need to get out of this situation.

This week, during personal studies, I completed the November 2007 Ensign, minus the Relief Society session (ie for women).  This makes my first Ensign that I’ve ever read cover-to-cover, and magazine that I’ve ever read cover-to-cover.  This has truly helped to increase my testimony of having a living prophet.

We went on several exchanges this week, one with our district leader and one with our zone leader.  Those are always fun.

Pictures will come next week.
Love Elder Allen Blodgett

Transfers are next we3ek so it will be wise to send the letter to the office.