Lots of New Investigators

I received your letter and SD card. Just to let you know, we are allowed in our mission to take video.  I don’t know why it’s different here vs. other missions.  Thank you so much for doing this.  I hope you figured out how to use the cloud site.

Tuesday we had probably the most effective weekly planning session ever.  For once, it seemed as if Elder Agamata finally did not do it all, that we all had our chance to have input.  I think what made the difference was going to church to do weekly planning – and idea that the district leader gave t us last week when he came to do an emergency companionship inventory.

One Wednesday we caught up on the twelve week training program for Elder Carroll, plus we had an awesome pizza dinner with a member of our ward.

On Thursday we had an amazing district meeting.  We watched one of the Bible videos on the life of Jesus Christ.  Afterwards we went on an exchange with the district leaders. We found a new investigator couple during exchanges and set up a return appointment with them – they then called us (not the other way around) and pushed it back one week.

On Friday we went to Operation Gratitude and made a bunch of paracord bracelets. We found more investigators again in the evening.

Saturday was a busy day.  We have what you might consider a less-active investigator family that has a piano so we had an FHE with them.  We once again found several more investigators, one through a part member family.

Finally, yesterday was Sunday.  Church was great again.  I once again played piano in primary which is always fun.  We had splits for knockout and found several new investigators through it.  For myself and elder Carroll, the one investigator we found was through my need to use the bathroom and he proceeded to share the restoration message with the guy!  We then had a fireside about missionary work at the nearby Woodland Hills Ward.

Have a great week!  Remember this:  “The number one cause of death is birth.”

Love, Elder Allen J Blodgett

P.S.  Do you know a John Pennington?  I got a stack of CDs from him in the mail this week.  He has a book called “Mr. Mormon I Have a Question” and the CDs are the recordings of the book.  I don’t know if you ordered them for me or if someone else did or if he stumbled across my blog and randomly sent them to me.