John got Baptized

Dear Mom and Dad,                                                                                                                                       July 18, 2016

This past Saturday, after 3, nearly 4 years of investigating the church and doing all he could to get to church, John F was baptized.  With permission from President Henrie, I was able to attend.  The six weeks in Van Nuys were worth it to eventually see him enter the waters of baptism and make his commitment and covenant to follow the Savior for the rest of his life.

Alright, let’s go back to Monday, shall we?  While Elder Agamata was busy emailing, I drew my first of twelve temple.  I drew the Nauvoo temple.  It turned out surprisingly well (see attached pictures)!  I was super nervous about it as I hadn’t drawn that much in nearly 5 years or more!  This week’s temple will be slightly closer – Chicago.

For studies this week, I got through chapter 40 of James E Talmage’s book, “Jesus the Christ.”  I only need to read 2 more chapters and then I will be done with it.  My thoughts for a study goal, in addition to finishing the Bible as I have already been working on is to take a copy of a teaching record and study each point of the teaching record.

I haven’t felt nearly as depressed as I did last week.  I would say that Elder Agamata is still too strict and doesn’t allow me the breathing space I need, but I think we’re getting along more now.  He is still quite dominating in planning which I’m not quite fond of.

This week, we had Zone Conference.  Our district sang a song as a special musical number, while I played the piano.  We performed “I Love the Lord.”  It turned out really well.  It was also nice to be able to receive instruction from President and Sister Henrie.

Finally on Sunday, the stake had a singles devotional (30-death) and I was asked to play the organ for it.  I did so, but the featured speaker was phenomenal!  His name is Doctor Gregg Olson and he is a cardiologist.  He spoke on miracles and while we don’t quite know how the Priesthood and blessings restore the body to its natural state, we do know how things such as leprosy work, and eat away at the body and how the ears (hear) and eyes see, but we don’t quite know how to put them back together like Divine intervention can.  Dr. Olson had something really profound – for all we know the man whom was blind since birth may have in the pre-mortal existence been given the assignment to be blind so that he could be a vehicle for the Savior to prove His divinity.  So to have we been given specific assignments for the same reason.

Love Elder Allen Blodgett

P.S. I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be out on my mission.  Elder Agamata decided to call President Henrie because I was using a computer to send pictures home.  I’m so angry.  That everybody’s trying to control my agency.  I am simply trying to do what is right but everybody tells me that I’m not doing the right thing.  This sucks.