Happy Fourth – Another Extended Week

Two significant miracles occurred during the past few days.  One – the temperatures have given us a bit of a break.  WE only have highs in the mid to upper 80’s instead of upper 90’s and lower 100’s.  Two – I’ve lost a pound and a half this week.  I’m now down to 212 pounds.  I definitely want to lose another two pounds so I can be at the same weight I was at when I came out, and if I can manage to do so, I want to get down an additional ten pounds to 200 pounds.  I’ve been running an average of two and a half to three miles every day except Sunday.  In fact, I just might run a 5K when I get back home.

I write to you again on a Tuesday again because of two things (there would appear to be a pattern of twos).  One – President Henrie wants us to work on holidays that fall on Mondays.  Two – the mail doesn’t operate on the Fourth, so by the time I prepare pictures and get the letter in the mail, it’s Tuesday evening.

This week, we had to drop one of our investigators, Chris.  He wasn’t very interested after all, he merely wanted to come along with his less active friend.  We met with Mel again this week, sadly he hasn’t come to church yet,  but we might be going to the visitor’s center with him tomorrow (Wednesday).

As I said in last week’s letter, Elder Agamata will probably be the companion I will have the most difficulty getting along with.  I get the impression that he doesn’t trust me.  I’m not sure why.  Every time he wants clarification on a rule he goes straight to the zone leaders even after I explain my understanding of it.  That kind of bugs me, plus he completely takes over planning and if it’s not his plan he doesn’t like it.  I’ve never wanted a new companion at the end of a transfer so badly before.   I do appreciate his hardworking attitude – that is something I feel that I have as well, but I feel like I need to have some room to grow and he’s not giving me that room at all.  It’s really hard to feel like I am a good missionary when he criticizes me for being late to studies or for doing missionary work in a way that is different to him.

Anyways, now that I’ve got that off my chest, I’ve been a little depressed about the whole situation regarding email.  I feel like I’m not murmuring.  I’ve been trying really hard to be obedient with them and not spend too much time on them.  As I have proven, when I set my mind to accomplishing things (such as my weight loss), I succeed.  For some reason or another I simply can’t seem to get this particular matter under control.  My mind, heart and body simply don’t seem to be able to accomplish this task, so I don’t get why I’m still being punished (because, let’s face it, this is a punishment and President Henrie, even if he is not trying is making me feel miserable).  Will you please call him and ask him to remove this restriction?

Since yesterday was the Fourth, we had an early curfew of 7pm.  We quickly ate dinner and had our nightly planning before sitting out on our patio to watch Meet the Mormons (Elder Agamata has a copy of the DVD) / watching fireworks (see attached pictures).

Have a great week!

Love Elder Allen J Blodgett