Looking forward to Mothers Day

I’m definitely looking forward to Sunday for skyping you and being able to talk to you “face to face.”

There hasn’t been a lot of news this week. President Henrie found a new bag for me and I got it today in the mail run. Not having a working bag has helped make biking easier as I couldn’t bike around my old bag with no strap, but proselyting without any materials has suffered.

We met with our investigator Matthew this week after not being able to meet with him for several weeks. We read several chapters of the Book of Mormon with him. We even got a ride set up for him to come to church but he called us Sunday morning saying that he got sick from something he ate the night before.

We also met with our investigator John several times and talked with him about several topics.

Another update on my weight loss, I am now down to 226 pounds! A total of 44 pounds so far. I’m hoping to lose another 26 before I slow it down.

This week during personal studies, I read several chapters of Jame E. Talmage’s book “Articles of Faith,” a fantastic study of the doctrines taught in the articles originally written by Joseph Smith. The chapters I read this week were on faith and the importance of baptism.

See you all on Sunday!
Elder Blodgett
California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

via email 5-2-16