So…if you haven’t already noticed by the subject line of this email, there was an emergency transfer this week. I’m doing alright, but the culmination of a lot of different situations was simply too much for me and Elder Moon to stay together. I’ll explain a little bit more in a separate email to you.

Now I am currently serving in Castaic. It’s a really nice ward. The previous two wards that I served in were small and, on average, old wards with a lot of people who were older than 60 years of age with a small youth program. So, to come to Castaic where there is actually a real youth program and people who aren’t going to die yet is really nice. I’d say it is my favorite ward thus far.

Compared to North Hollywood, there isn’t nearly the same size of teaching pool here. It’s alright, so now instead of teaching, we are focusing on our finding techniques and being bold at the doorstep.

My new companion is Elder Thorpe. He is super awesome and is full of energy and the spirit. He is thankfully more talkative and knows how to plan, so I don’t have to do more than half of the work now. That is a real blessing to me right now.

“Repentance is a process and not something that happens at one particular moment. It requires consistency.” —Elder Francisco J. Viñas

Elder Blodgett
California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints