A Fantastic Week

This week has been much better now that I am settling into Castaic. I’ve been studying Jesus the Christ the past few days and my understanding and love for the Savior has increased. Our entire stake here is going through the Addiction Recovery Program right now for the first Sunday lessons. ¬†Books were distributed throughout Elder’s Quorum and I’ve been studying it intensely since yesterday. It really is a marvelous book and the spirit has been strong as I’ve learned how to apply the atonement in my life.

There isn’t a whole lot of work around this part of the mission. We get out to work each day at 10am, we come home at 9pm, but there are not a whole lot of people home on weekdays. I love the area, the people are quite nice but not a whole lot of people are interested. The ward is fantastic and the feed us every night and they trust us to do the work, so it’s really nice.

Not a whole lot more to report on today, but I love you all!

Elder Blodgett
California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints