Wow. What a crazy week we’ve had! To start it all off, on Tuesday morning I had new district leader training and it was cool to learn how I can best magnify my new calling. I thought we were going to have a fantastic week from that point on. Au contraire!

After we get home from district leader training, we have lunch and I’m just casually brushing my teeth in the bathroom when somebody fires a gun on the other side of the wall from where I’m standing! They shot at a large window that overlooks the street from the elevator/stairwell landing on the very floor that we live in. President placed us on lock down for a few hours and then he told us to be cautious for the rest of the day.

On Wednesday to our utmost discomfort, our carbon monoxide detector battery begins to die and beeps every minute. On Thursday, the trunk of our car gets broken in to and stuff is stolen from the trunk (Elder Moon’s suit, my organ shoes and sheet music [again!], my MoTab bag was stolen, as well as my hymnbook/turned in to transfer journal, and the zone leader binder with a history of all the work done in the zone for the past at least 6 months, if not longer, was stolen! Then on top of that on Sunday our smoke detector battery begins to die and we have beeping in our apartment every 30 seconds!

Despite that, this week has actually been quite wonderful. It has left the two of us very frustrated at the world for being oh so stupid, but what canst we do?

We were unable to meet with Dean this week and he still hasn’t made it to church. Jason is still stuck at home and unable to come to church for health reasons. Plus, our investigator Michael seems to be be MIA.

Well, that’s about it.

Elder Blodgett
California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints