I can’t believe that it’s Monday again. It seems as if preparation day was all of a day ago. That said, it’s once again time to email home.

We were unable to pick up a new investigator this week, but that is fine. We were able to see progress in other areas. One of our new investigators we picked up recently we were able to meet with again this week. He, for some reason or another was confused as to which day of the week it was, so he thought that he had missed church even though he hadn’t. Then when we stopped by yesterday he thought it was Monday. That was a little weird.

Our investigator Brad is coming a long very well. He has come to church twice in a row now and is still willing to meet with us. He has a much stronger desire to learn this time compared to several months ago when we first came in contact with him. We have met with him several times this week and even helped him to put in his new air conditioner into his bedroom window. It also helped to have a member who was willing to come over who knew a few more things than I did about doing those things.

So, for Halloween we had a multi-zone dinner at a nearby church building where the mission paid for pizzas and we watched a personal favorite film of mine, “Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration.” Many missionaries provided other foods and I provided a personal favorite delicacy, chocolate covered bacon! It turned out to be very popular. It was kind of awkward doing knock out on Halloween, especially when everybody thought we were trick or treaters.

On Friday night in to Saturday, we went on exchanges with the zone leaders. I went with Elder Grant to Reseda and Elder Clark stayed in Chatsworth. The only thing of excitement was going to the Reseda ward’s trunk or treat. This area also does trunk or treat and loves to have chili cook offs as part of it. I almost made chili, but when I found out I was going to a different ward on exchanges, I ultimately did not.

For behold, I hath need of scrip for the acquisition of the healing agent of migraines. I hath had migraines as numerous as the sands of the seas in weeks past. Supplies of the healing agent, Advil, hath run dry, not to mention the fact it hath begun to have little effect on the soul. The nurse in the mission supposes that a new healing agent, Excedrin for Migraines, may be the agent to heal this curse. The merchant mart of Wal supposes that scrip in the form of $20 is sufficient for my needs.

My migraines don’t seem to be affecting the work too much, but it just makes it difficult to stay focused. 

Elder Blodgett
California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints