It’s been a crazy week. It’s been nice to see it from a fresh perspective though.

We were finally able to pick up a new investigator this week. His name is Wendell. He told us that we could come back on Thursday. So, per his instructions, we did. He wasn’t home at the time he told us to come back, so we went and did a little bit of knocking. After we came back from doing some knocking, we went back and he was home and he let us in.We taught him the restoration lesson and he is willing to read the Book of Mormon and although he didn’t set up a specific date for us to come back, we’ll try stopping back in a week or two.
We went with the Korean elders up in the mountains in the northern part of our area to study on Friday. It was a very peaceful way to get out of the normal way of studying and to just be one with nature (a wonderful gift from God). There are some trails up there that seem to be great for hiking.
I’ve set a goal to finish reading the Book of Mormon before my first six months is over. I’m grateful to report that I am very close to accomplishing this goal. My thought is to move on to the New Testament next.


Elder Blodgett

California San Fernando Mission

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints