Not much to report on this week, but we had a few of our investigators at church. That was a small miracle witnessing to the fact that it really pays off to keep in frequent contact with investigators (also home teachees and visiting teachees who may be less active and inviting them to church).

On Saturday, we had an hour before needing to return to the apartment for the night. We decided to go visit a less active family. They come to church occasionally, and when they do they arrive after the sacrament is passed. At the conclusion of our brief visit, I invited them to come to church the next day. They did and they came before the sacrament! There is power in inviting them on Saturdays when the invitations are fresh in their minds.

We met with a few of our investigators who both seem to be understanding and enjoying the messages we have been sharing with them. We haven’t been picking up many investigators as of late, so we’ve been focusing a lot of our time on finding. We talked with 151 people this past week, most of whom weren’t interested, but at least seeds were planted for future missionaries to visit.

Thank you for getting me Thom’s email address. Again, I’m so excited for him to be out. He’s going to be a great missionary.

My thought for today comes from the lyrics of a Broadway show:

If one person can beat a drum,
And one person can blow a horn,
If one person can hold a torch,
Then one person can change the world!

IMG_1151–Standing at the foot of a rocket
IMG_1152–Dedicated 14 years to the date prior to my birthday (ie 10 years after man on the moon day)
A little online research showed the rocket photo and plaque were taken in Chatsworth, the city Allen has been and is still serving in at this time. It is the current home of Rocketdyne, who built the rocket engine for the moon landing.

2015-09-07  Plaque at Rocketdyne 2015-09-07  Elder Blodgett at foot of rocket engine