It was so great to hear you on Friday to celebrate your birthday with you. Although it was rather awkward because I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate or not, I did feel at peace afterwards. Sister Kramer, whom you talked to, is a member of the ward. She is a ward missionary and is in charge of our dinner calendar, she & her family often has us over for dinner.   (Sr. Kramer woke up Ellen by calling to say happy birthday.  Elder Sharp then told me how much he enjoyed having Allen as a companion, and how polite he is.  Allen and I only exchanged “happy birthday” and “I love you”.)

How are the testimonies coming which I’ve asked you to write? Has dad had the chance to write me? I would really love to hear from him as well as you.

This week, we have slowly been wrapping up training. I have one more week of that and then you might be able to call me a normal missionary. Both Elder Sharp and Elder Peterson have done a great job at training me.

This week has been slow with our current investigators. One of our investigators, Rick, is wanting to take a few weeks off to make sure he’s doing the right thing. A family of investigators has been busy as they are expecting a baby soon. Our other investigator may have come across some anti literature, so we’ve been trying to help her to gain her testimony again.

We have been reached our standard of excellence for contacting again this week. It takes a lot of faith and hard work to be able to reach this. Hard work to knock on doors, faith to help them be accepting of our message. We have found a few people who may be interested in hear our message at a future time, so now we need to go out and talk to them again to find out if they are still interested. We met a few interesting people who were rather rude and full of vulgar, but they didn’t tear us down at all.

Yesterday during Sacrament Meeting, I played a musical number on the organ. It is a beautiful, lush rendition of “Come, Follow Me.” Afterwards, I taught the Priesthood organization lesson in Gospel Principles.

Elder Blodgett
California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints