It’s been an adventurous week. We have picked up 5 new investigators! YAY! A family of 3 and a mother and daughter. They are all super interested and seem to be comprehending everything in which we teach. We are continuing to teach a few other investigators, but they don’t seem to be progressing at this point.

This morning, a brother in the ward here took us electric mountain biking. It was so so so cool! He manages an electric mountain bike magazine. Because of his job, he is able to take home bikes all the time to test out. We helped him test them out today. It was so fun. Never before in my life has biking uphill been so darn easy.

The church leaders have set a standard of excellence for contacting potential investigators each week. That number is 140 contacts. Between myself, Elder Peterson and now Elder Sharp, each week of my mission thus far has met or exceeded that goal.

For my studies, I’ve been watching a set of DVDs that were being given away at the ward library. It is the April 2005 General Conference. It’s really awesome and a few of the talks are great for a lot of the people in this area. For your enjoyment, I thought you’d like a quote that President Monson shared to start his Priesthood Session talk. “I like to read obituaries; and many of them say, ‘Gone fishing.’ Another one, ‘Gone hunting.’ But I read an interesting one the other day: ‘Gone home teaching.'”

Elder Blodgett
California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints