On Sunday evening at the MTC, we had the pleasure to hear from Sister Janice Kapp Perry. She of chorus is the person who so famously wrote the lyrics and music to many of the songs of the children’s songbook. She reinforced my testimony of music and how it brings the spirit to our meetings. She also encouraged us to sing when we teach lessons to investigators as it will bring the spirit into their homes faster than any other way.

I was travel leader to get from the MTC to the mission field. I was a bit surprised by this at first, but after I found out we would be taking UTA (FrontRunner and TRAX) to the airport I figured out why I was assigned. I probably knew the most about taking these modes of transportation than anybody else.

On Monday after arrival, we were treated to some nice hot home cooked meals (not exactly a luxury in the MTC) and we also went tracting in North Hollywood. We didn’t find many people there.

I’ve been assigned to labor in Chatsworth California. It’s an average size town similar in size to Neenah or Menasha (I think). My companion is Elder Peterson from Manti, UT. He’s amazing! He is on fire and full of the spirit. I hope to be at least half the missionary he is.

The work is slow here. We’ve been doing A LOT of tracting right now. I’m pretty sure we’ve bee knocking at least 100 doors each day. The teaching pool is low, we only have like one or two investigators at the moment.

Despite how slow the work is going in our area, I’m not going to let it get me down. I will just keep working. That’s something I had to do in order to lose weight–work. That’s something I’m going to have to do share the gospel–work. That’s something I’m going to have to do in order to lose more weight–work.

We had some interesting experiences though this week.

On Saturday, Elder Peterson and I were driving into a neighborhood when we saw an elephant in the street. It was there for some kid’s birthday. Who would have thunk it that you could rent an elephant?

We also had exchanges this week. I’m really excited about doing exchanges on my mission. Elder Peterson is the district leader for the district we’re in and he’s brand new at it. On Tuesday after transfer meeting, he had new district leader meeting and their companions were invited to attend. President Hall mentioned that as district leaders, they are to go on exchanges with the other missionaries in his district to help improve and learn from the other companionships in missionary work. He said it’s a fantastic way to learn how to be a better missionary from a variety of missionaries. I was stoked when he mentioned that! I’m stoked to do exchanges and find more ways to do missionary work.

Anyways, we had exchanges this week. I went with Elder Cumming. He too is from California. He has about 3 more months left on his mission. He is great at asking questions to help investigators think more about the concepts being taught. He’s also great at asking for referrals when tracting. He and his companion Elder Lee are teaching a kid named Anthony. He’s on fire and understanding everything being taught. Elder Cumming and I went to see him on Thursday and he even has a baptism date! WOOT WOOT!!!

This Wednesday we get to go to the Los Angeles Temple. I’m interested in seeing a lack of green grass there. The missionaries in this mission are permitted to go to the temple once during the month of their birthdays and any other times as directed by the mission president.

To answer your questions:

I have absolutely no idea what’s going on with the trac-phoine.

No iPads as of yet. I’ve heard that all missions in the United States (and Canada?) will have them by the end of August. I think the Church is doing it in phases. The Salt Lake City East Mission received them 3 months ago and the Temple Square Mission received them like a week or two later.

I’m not in a biking area yet, so I’m not going to get one yet.

I had a $60 fee from Delta for luggage. It was reimbursed by the mission when I arrived.

I’m working on eating more of a variety of foods. I am doing so by eating at least a small portion of everything that is provided for me. For example, this week I ate broccoli (that’s a taste I’m still trying to acquire) and peppers. 

Elder Blodgett

California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints