We arrived safe and sound here in the Great San Fernando Mission.  The flight went well and it was so nice to get off and immediately see President and Sister Hall waiting to see us.  They were glowing.  Their lover for us was undeniable.  It was the sweetest experience ever!

I haven’t met my new companion yet, however, I do know who he is.  His name is Elder Peterson.  I felt the spirit so strongly as President Hall told me that the spirit told him clearly that he needed to be my trainer.  He apparently is a strong and steadfast missionary.  I’m so excited to meet him tomorrow.  I’ll write more on my next preparation day.

Text above handwritten 6/1/15 by Elder Allen Blodgett

Happy New Missionary Day! 

WE are so excited to welcome this group to The Great California San Fernando Mission!  This is a great group of Elders and Sisters.  We are so excited to be able to work with them in bringing souls unto Christ.

If you want to know more about Day 1 in the mission,  http://kenanddi.blogspot.com/2013/05/incomings.html is pretty close.  The blog hasn’t been updated in a while but, it will give you a glimpse of what we see on this end.

Tomorrow is transfer meeting where everyone will receive their assignments and companions.  We ask that families of missionaries pray not only for their own missionary, but pray for your missionary’s companion.  

This group has arrived at a great time, next week is our mission-wide temple trip.  There is nothing like going to the temple with missionaries.  It reminds us of how vital our calling is so all of God’s children can return to Him.

We love your missionaries!  

Sister Hall 

Text above received by email 6/1/15 from Sr. Hall – wife of Allen’s mission president

2015-06-01 new missionaries to CA San Fernando