Until We Meet Again

It is a wonderful time of my life as I enter the final days before heading to the MTC to begin my full-time missionary service. I have been very touched by the love of the people here towards me as they have wished me luck. I’m so excited to serve the people of California.

On Tuesday & Wednesday nights, we had dinners at the Conference Center as a farewell for me. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal, even though I’m still on a diet. It’s sad to leave the great people who serve in that remarkable building, and I will miss that sweet spirit that touches the lives of those who seek the truth within its walls.

I will miss so much the people at the Global Service Center and all that they do to build up the Kingdom of God. Their mission is a special mission as they find the lost sheep through computers and phone calls. Many have borne witness that as they have searched for these lost brothers and sisters, the Spirit has confirmed to them that they do live there and are ready to come back to the Church. I cannot wait to meet these people that have been lost and are ready to come back. This would not be possible without the people at the GSC. Also important, but not least, are the people who serve by answering phone calls and finding lost checks.

I shall also miss the Tabernacle Choir and the good they do in the world. Music brings such a special spirit to the meetings of our Church. The Choir prepares the hearts and minds of members and nonmembers to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ through music.

As much as I will miss the things that are done here at Church headquarters, I am even more excited to get to California and truly preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have absolutely no doubt that that is what I need to do at this point in my life.

email rec’d 5/16/15