Per instructions given at the MTC, I am writing to you this evening.  Everything is well here.  We have great instructors, leaders, supporters.  We are taught with love.  I believe they do this purposefully so that we might go and teach members and nonmembers alike with love.

This may very well be a stretch of your memory, but one of the instructors here served his mission in the Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission.  He was serving in the Appleton first Ward at the time of the boundary change in 2011.  His name was Elder Kimball, apparently he was companions with Elder Strasser at the time. 

My companion is great. His name is Elder Dall (I’ll get you pictures on Thursday’s p-day).  He hails from Sandy, UT.  He plays soccer and is full of the gospel.

My district is full of missionaries who know that they need to be on missions trough promptings from the Holy Ghost.  All their testimonies are strong and unique.

I know that this church is true.  Christ restored the gospel on the earth in these the latter-days through Joseph Smith.

text above is from handwritten letter dated 5/21/15


Today’s my first time in what feels like forever since I’ve had a p-day (preparation day – to do laundry, shopping, etc). This morning we were able to go to the Provo Temple as a district. The spirit was amazing there.

I’m so excited to send you pictures–there’s a bunch.  Our district, my companions, and so on.

We have the greatest teachers in the world. You know Brother Kimball already and we also have Sister Pack. They love us and are helping us to grow as servants of the Lord, Jesus Christ. We love them as well and are so indeed grateful for their love and support.

Elder Dall (my companion) and I are teaching an amazing person. We’ve been teaching every day this week including today at lunch (we’re one of the lucky ones to have been able to have a dinner appointment AT THE MTC!). His name is Theo and we love him to death. He’s super cool, asks lots of questions that help us grow. He has even accepted our invitation to be baptized. We’re super excited to for him!

On Tuesday, we were blessed to be able to sing “More Holiness Give Me” to Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He was amazing and helped us to realize our full potentials as missionaries. I love him. We also have an amazing choir director here! His name is Brother Eggett and he really gets the missionaries who claim to not sing to do that–sing!

We have a loving branch presidency who cares deeply about us and our growth, for which we are so grateful.

I love this church and the gospel of Jesus Christ! The peace that the gospel brings to me is one of the reasons I have chosen to extend my mission by serving a full-time mission. I’m grateful for the atonement and the effect it has had in my life.

text above is from email dated 5/28/15