It’s been a small world kind of week here (letter rec’d 4/25/15). As you already know, I gave a tour of the Conference Center to Brother and Sister Sieber from Green Bay.  (She then posted a message on Facebook hoping someone she knew would know Allen’s family—[it worked—we got the message].  She wanted us to know that he gave a GREAT tour and told her many things she didn’t know about the building and artwork.)  I know a few of their children through my time in the YSA branch. The next day as I was cooling off from stair running in the balcony, I wandered through the South Visitors Center where I met Sister Bartell, a Temple Square Missionary who is also from Green Bay. I know her sister through the YSA branch. Apparently she didn’t feel like going to the branch.

This week I got to have another backstage tour of the Conference Center. This time now that I know a few more things, I even showed the other hosts things normal backstage tours don’t get to see. I showed the stash of pulpits and the Choir’s new touring organ.

Speaking of organs, I ran in to Robert Poll a few days ago and I asked him if I could arrange for an organ crawl. He said yes! I wasn’t terribly surprised as it’s part of all the organ staff members jobs to show people those things upon request. It was so neat to see most of the 11,623 pipes and the blend between the pipes and the digital enhancements. There’s a lot to learn but I wouldn’t mind learning more about building and maintaining organs. It would be a great career between my love of music and my love of technology.

After the organ “crawl,” I went to the temple to do the initiatories for our family file names. Next week I’ll get a couple of the endowments done.

I finally have all my stuff purchased for my mission! Today I bought hangars, a new messenger bag as my old one was tearing in a few places, and pajamas. I’m starting to look the part of missionary! Don’t forget to send me those towels.

Knock on wood, tomorrow’s Choir broadcast should be an easy one as it’s just the Choir. There is always something for us to do though.