This has been a wonderful week as I’ve been able to serve in my various mission assignments. It’s been a test of my patience as I have gone out shopping this week for new clothing for my mission. I really just want to put the shirt on and be done, but I can’t do that unfortunately. It’s kind of awkward for me to have everyone complimenting me on my new clothing.

Last Sunday I had the chance to be able to get a picture with the Tabernacle Choir’s latest Emmy. It actually is a lot lighter than it looks, I was expecting it to be heavier. It was awarded to the Choir for their concert with James Taylor in 2013, which I was not around for, but I probably won’t be able to hold any other of the Choir’s Emmys in the future. This weekend will be Choir retirements which means that President Monson will likely be at the broadcast.

I love being able to serve at the Conference Center. It is such great preparation for my fulltime mission where I will be doing nothing but teaching the gospel. This week has been slow because of some poor weather we had, but that’s okay.

I have continued to lose weight, I now weigh 221 pounds! Hard work and relying on the Lord truly pays off.