This has been a crazy week. Being involved in conference in some way shape or form now for the second time I now see why I won’t particularly miss not being here after I enter the MTC. The week between the women’s session and the sessions the following weekend are organized chaos. However, chaos is ultimately still chaos.

This Tuesday I received a text message from Bishop Daley telling me that I had been assigned my mission and that I could expect my call any day. It was a dream come true. Just the night before I had a dream that my call came, but I woke up before I could open it in the dream.

This week has been quite the opposite of last week at the conference center. Instead of only giving tours to nonmembers, I only have tours to members. That is to be expected this week as it is conference week.

This week is a pinnacle week for the Tabernacle Choir as General Conference is the main purpose the Choir exists. The spirit has been with everyone as we have prepared for this weekend.

Yesterday before rehearsal I did some more stair climbing in the Tabernacle before I headed to the Conference Center where I sat in the choir loft for 20 minutes or so to get my energy back. Brother Elliott was practicing the organ at the time I got there and let me play for a few minutes before another organist arrived. I played “Called to Serve.”

I continue to lose weight and have just reached 230 pounds, a loss of 110 pounds! I feel better than ever!

I am currently donating plasma and then will check to see if my call has come in yet. If not I plan on going to the organ recital. I will then get my groceries and do my laundry.

Elder Blodgett