It’s a joyous feeling to be able to say that my full-time mission papers are in. A year ago, I never thought that it would be possible, but it was. Now I wait (not exactly patiently) for the call to come. It could come this week or next week. I was a little scared when I got the email about my blood pressure being too high, but thankfully that was just a typo.

This week I’ve lost several more pounds, bringing me to 100 pounds lost. The theme for devotionals this month is obedience. Obedience to the word of wisdom is not restrictive, but rather it is freeing.

This week was great at the Conference Center. Now that it is getting warmer and the sun is out longer, we have steadily been getting more people coming for tours. Headquarters FM (Facilities Management) group even turned the fountains and streams back on the roof, giving an optimal viewing pleasure there. I’ve been using our tour script to find similarities between it and Preach My Gospel so I can use tours as practice for my full-time mission.

This week we had the BYU Singers on the broadcast. They were fantastic. On tomorrow’s broadcast the Orchestra at Temple Square will be back. The Choir is preparing for General Conference, I won’t tell you what they’ll be singing, you’ll have to wait until they sing (the songs are not bathroom breaks).

Yesterday I got a haircut, donated plasma, and got my vaccinations for my mission. We’ll know if I need more vaccinations after I get my call.

Today I got my laundry and groceries done before heading downtown for an organ recital. Between getting groceries and the organ recital, I did some exercising. I found a new exercise routine, it’s walking up and down all the stairs in the balcony of the Tabernacle. The first time I did it last Sunday morning I was quite winded (after walking 4.5 miles to get to the Tabernacle), but as I begin to do it more, it will be more enjoyable and less burdensome.

After the recital, I went over to the Conference Center. I was asked by someone from his shift if I could talk to a fellow YCSM who is also struggling with weight as well. I was quite nervous about the prospect of doing this, but I agreed to so I went and talked to him. I don’t know if what I said will help him at all, but I feel confident that the spirit told me the right things to say. In just the 30 minutes since I’ve talked to him, I have realized that this was a great learning experience for my full-time mission.

Have a great Saturday!
Elder Blodgett