I got some new photos taken (free of charge!) on Thursday which was the final step for submitting my mission papers on my end. I received the email with the photos on Thursday evening and made a quick stop in the office on Friday afternoon after a temple session to submit & finish my papers The last thing I need to do now is to have my interviews. I have an appointment with Bishop  Daley on Sunday after church and then I need to meet with President Young after that. I have called the stake executive secretary, but have not heard back from him yet. I technically don’t have approval from the doctor yet, it’s conditional on passing the blood work, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have no issue with that.

This past Sunday, the entire Choir organization was very spoiled. We had the King’s Singers as guest artists and they delighted us with several numbers. They were in town for ACDA and we got them to stick around for the broadcast. We also had President Thomas S. Monson in attendance. Because he was sitting where the stage crew normally sits, we were forced to sit back stage. This turned out to be great for me, when he came back, he went right past me. As only President Monson would do, he winked at me and I winked back.

This week I’ve been filling in at the front desk as one of the front desk missionaries have been out of town on vacation. Other than this there is not much to report on here.

This Tuesday they decided to close the Conference Center due to the snow, which was strange because the snow was over by the time my shift would have started. I did find something to do. I helped on the stage crew by setting up risers for the Temple Square Chorale. These risers were in use in the ACDA concert, so we had to set them back up in time for the Chorale rehearsal this week Tuesday. The Conference Center was open on Wednesday although the roof was closed because of snow on it.

I’ve been losing more and more weight, I’m now up to 95 pounds lost! I feel healthier & healthier every day.

Today I have done my laundry and got groceries. I went to the organ recital today. The organist today was Richard Elliott. He did a fantastic performance, opening with Gershwin’s “I’ve Got Rhythm” and ending with “Ride of the Valkyries.”

I love you,

Elder Blodgett