There are no pictures this week. There have been so many things to do and not enough time to do them in. Yesterday, I went to the dentist office, the dentist here has given me the approval to go on a full-time mission, so long as I come in for a cleaning and filling on March 12th. He says I only need one filling done, the others are fine so long as I continue to brush and floss regularly. This Tuesday I see the doctor, I’m fairly confident that he’ll give me a clean bill of health.

I’ve lost even more weight. My new weight loss number is 90 pounds. After sharing my news this week that I’m going ahead with putting in my full-time mission papers, every has been telling me that they’ve been noticing my weight loss and are happy that I’m preparing to serve a full-time mission.

This week was the GSC mission conference. The spirit was so strong at the meeting as people bore their testimonies of hastening the work.

This week has been ultra busy with ACDA for the Tab Choir. I have been involved some way or another 4 or 5 days this week. It has been a nightmare of a week for those involved, so a break from the busyness will be much deserved.

Before the private concert on Thursday, Mack Wilberg took a few minutes to share his thoughts and feelings of the events this week.  He shared something he heard from Robert Shaw, a famous choral conductor. He said that as long as he puts in 90% of work, he will be entitled to 10% inspiration. We know what this inspiration is, it is the Holy Ghost. If we put in our 90% honest work, the Lord will make up the rest.

Today I have done my laundry and got groceries. I am sitting in the Conference Center for a Tab Choir concert.

Elder Blodgett   (sent 2/28/15)