As you are well aware, I’m getting the ball rolling on my mission papers. I’ve got appointments set for both the doctor and dentist and they’re both in the next week and a half! This would not have been possible without help of the Lord. I’m meeting with Bishop Daley this afternoon to get more of my papers filled out on the computer.

I’ve met with my mission leaders to update them with the news and they’re all willing to request early releases so I can go on my fulltime mission. Elder Broderick is very excited for me and Tabernacle Choir President Jarrett is very happy as well, you can expect a letter from him soon.

This week has been busier as the conference center. I’ve been able to give tours to some nonmembers also. One group was half members/half nonmembers, the members did most of the talking! It was nice, because there were some things they mentioned that I’m not supposed to.

At the Global Service center we are going to have our mission conference next week. I’m so excited to hear what our mission leaders have to say and to be able to feel the spirit. I’m addicted to being in tune the spirit, it’s great!

Yesterday I donated plasma, got a haircut, had my medical records transferred here, and got measured for shoes. My shoe size is 13 extra wide on the right and 12 extra wide on the left.

I got groceries this morning and went to the organ recital today. It was a nice patriotic program.