As you can see from the subject line, it’s safe to say I’ve been really spoiled this week.

This week started off like any other with the first broadcast of Music and the Spoken Word back in the Tabernacle. It was nice to be back “home.”

The work continues at the Global Service Center, we are currently ticketing for BYU Winterfest and Meet the Mormons (a movie shown in theatres around the country in the past 6 months). Everything else there’s not much to report on.

Every day during my lunch break I take a walk through the tunnels. I have even found a path that is one mile long, it’s so cool! Thursday’s walk was absolutely incredible though. I walked into the part of the tunnel that runs along the south wall of the temple and noticed golf carts there. I barely got ten feet past them and heard someone say “Are you ready to go President.” In my mind I was thinking “No that can’t possibly be.” About a second later a golf cart whizzed past me and Presidents Uchtdorf and Eyring were on it. I then continued on with the feeling like somebody was following me. I brushed it off for no longer than a second and there was our sweet Prophet, Thomas S Monson.  He said something to the effect of “Come here, I have a treat for you!” He was being pushed in a wheelchair and sitting on his lap was a box of candies and he was giving out chocolate to everybody he saw along his journey to the Church Administration Building. He was absolutely enjoying himself as he was even whistling! As I went further along my walk I saw the entire Quorum of the Twelve (Apostles) including a personal greeting from President Packer! My testimony of prophets after this experience has grown so much.

It is now a slow time for tours at the conference center, I have been able to give a few tours this week, but they have been far between. We’ll be having backstage tours next week and I’m very excited.

It was so nice to be able to attend the Temple yesterday after not having the time to do so the past few weeks. This was also the last time attending in Salt Lake City until mid-February as it is closing for cleaning. I plan to go to Provo on January 23, substitute for a tour guide at the Conference Center on Jan. 30, Ogden on Feb. 6, and South Jordan on Feb. 13.

I recently had a regular in-depth protein test for plasma donation and it came back that I was a little too low on one of the things and won’t be able to donate for at least one week as I wait for the results of today’s retest. I have used about 2/3 of my remaining money on my plasma card today and will probably use about $20 next week from the BMO account for groceries. Between dieting and being fed at the Conference Center twice a week, I don’t need to spend as much money on food as I used to. I have also lost another 4 pounds this week, bringing me down to 275 pounds!

Today I have bought groceries, and went to the organ recital of Andrew Unsworth.

I love you!
Elder Blodgett