I’m enjoying my time on my mission thus far. It is an honor and privilege to be able to serve with such wonderful people and see what it takes to operate the Lord’s church.

This week I was called to be on the Global Service Center mission council. I’m not entirely sure yet what is expected of me in this role, but I’m confident as I trust in the Lord, I’ll be able to magnify my responsibilities.

Yesterday I attended 2 endowment sessions in the Salt Lake Temple, did initiatories, and got my hair cut.

After my hair cut, I went to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to see the Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration movie. Just like all the other times I’ve seen it, the spirit was so strong, I was overcome with emotion, and my testimony was strengthened. I also felt like standing up and saying “Don’t kill the Prophet!” several times throughout, but I remembered it was a movie and that history has already run its course.

I’m still serving in my other capacities and feel blessed doing so. We’ve gotten through one of our busy times in ticketing now that everyone has been notified whether or not they have received tickets to the Tabernacle Choir Christmas concerts.

I’ve done several different things to try and pass the time when serving at the front desk in the West Office Building, but I finally found something to be of service when there are not a lot of people coming in to the building. What I do is go on vineyard.lds.org and tag images that people have submitted to help designers for the Church find images and when normal people search through the Church media library, the tags are already there. My goal each week is to tag 250 images.

I attended the 10am endowment session which was very full and I didn’t get out until about 12:10. I knew I was hungry so I went to the COB for lunch. I was hoping to get to the 1pm session but I didn’t finish eating until about 12:50. I decided to take a tour of the Joseph Smith memorial building. I found during the tour that I am so grateful that I am able to give tours of the Conference Center. While it’s not proselytizing, I am able to teach about the Church and our beliefs. I wouldn’t be able to do that in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building or the top of the COB as much.

I enjoy every devotional I attend. Considering the fact that it is November, it is only fitting that this month’s topic is gratitude. One thing that I enjoyed hearing this week was that gratitude is the essence of love. When we love someone we are grateful for everything they do for us.

I attended today’s organ recital by Cory Whittier, a guest organist. He performed a wonderful recital starting with Guide us O Thou Great Jehovah and ending with a rousing Toccata by Russian composer Georgi Mushel. I am currently donating plasma and will get groceries after this.