Just a quick reminder to set your clocks back one hour today. That way you’ll get an extra hour of sleep.

There is not much new about the work here, except that it keeps on going like the stone cut out of a mountain without hands.

I’ve been attending the afternoon ward the past month. I’m sure you remember the Johnson’s [Rue & Dorothy—former mayor of Appleton].  Their son Jeff in the ward. It’s nice to at least know someone anywhere who at least knows someone else you know.

I’ve thoroughly been enjoying my time spent and the conference center. I’ve seen in the one short month that I’ve been there how much it is changing my life. When I give tours, I don’t ever feel shy and have the confidence to share with people gospel principles.

This week was the (last) day of service for several service missionaries. Elder Ross, who served at the Global Service Center and Shirley who was a hostess at the Conference Center. They will be missed.

The Choir has announced their second Sesame Street guest this week, Count Von Count. The entire Choir organization is so excited for their arrival. A perk about giving tours at the conference center is seeing what the stage will look like before even the Choir does.

Yesterday I attended the temple in Provo. The temple only looks ugly in pictures, as being there in person proved that it is a gorgeous temple. On the way home, I stopped at the construction site of the Provo City Center Temple. It’s amazing how when the Lord wants something done he makes it possible for it to be done, as is the case of the Provo tabernacle becoming a temple. It is expected to be dedicated in late 2015.

At a prayer meeting before a shift at the Conference Center, one of hosts shared an experience he had several weeks ago. A man came in for a tour and before he and the host got very far, he mentioned he was going to be baptized. Then, the man shared how he realized that something was missing from his life and realized that it was church. He was in his bedroom when he heard on his TV someone talking about God. He jotted down the phone number and called. When he called, he spoke to a sister missionary serving no where else than Temple Square. She asked if he’d like a copy of the Book of Mormon and he agreed. Six weeks later, his Book of Mormon arrived and he read it three times. He was then impressed that he needed to come to Salt Lake City to investigate further. He went on a tour 5 days previous but was unable to ask any questions because the group was so large. He then went outside an stood in front of the building when he received a phone call from a sister missionary serving at none else than Temple Square who asked if he had read the Book of Mormon and he said yes. She also asked if he’d like to have the missionaries visit him and he said where he was. She told him to stay put and that she and her companion would be shortly and they taught him the first lesson. A few weeks later the host at the conference center saw him at sacrament meeting and he was baptized.

Today’s organ recital was by Andrew Unsworth. He played one of my favorite pieces (to listen to), Charles-Marie Widor’s Toccata from Organ Symphony number 5. I am now donating plasma and will be getting groceries next.


Elder Blodgett