I’ve had a great week here. The work of the Lord continues uninterrupted.

In reconciliation, we are getting closer to our deadline before escheated checks are turned over to the states that they were issued in. To assure that as much of the sacred funds are not lost we are going through the Church’s banking system to see if any checks that the system has notified us of be escheated have cleared or have been voided. The old checks from 2012 and before are the most likely to not be cleared or voided. The great thing of having enough missionaries to research new escheated checks is that we can get to small checks before they get to the state.

We continue to take calls for the Phoenix Arizona Temple open house, it is amazing when I get calls from people who are not members asking if they can enter the temple even though they are not members. They sound of their voice changes as they learn that they can. Next week we will take calls for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir ticket drawings for Christmas.

The Choir has announced that this year’s Christmas guest artists will be Santino Fontana (who was the guest artist in July for the Pioneer Day Concert) and the characters from Sesame Street (so far only Elmo has been confirmed with announcements of his friends that will join him coming once a week until the concerts). Because of the guest artists coming, the age limit for the concerts is 5 years old. It is expected that we will take 600 calls a day this week in ticketing for the concerts. The Choir also gave a mini concert this Thursday to conclude the Temple President’s Seminar, in attendance was Elder L. Tom Perry.

This week on Thursday and Friday I had the opportunity to attend the LDS tech conference. I went in thinking that it would be geeky, but I couldn’t have been further from the truth. I seemed to forget that this was a church technology conference. The keynote speakers as well as the breakout session presenters reminded us over and over again how the blessings of technology would not be possible if it were not for the gospel having been restored in its fullness. The keynote speakers shared information about the church, its growth, and how technology moves the work forward. One of the things I enjoyed most was the social media presentations and the reminders from Elder Bednar’s BYU Campus Education Week address about social media and that it was created by God for the purpose of sharing the gospel. They conference provided for food as well, which I am grateful for (not) having to eat the same stuff over and over again. After the Friday conference sessions, Karl, his Father, and I went to the Orchestra at Temple Square concert for their 15th anniversary concert.

I’m sorry to hear about Dad’s legs and feet again. If he’ll commit to taking care of his body and to having faith in the Lord, he will be healthier. A few weeks ago I had an elevated pulse before donating plasma, so as I waited I pulled out my scriptures and read from them as I waited. A few minutes later, my pulse was fine and I was cleared to donate. Since that time, I’ve been ready my scriptures every time before donating and I haven’t had anything wrong with my vitals. The same will apply to Dad if he has any hopes of recovering from this.

I would enjoy if you sent those temple work slips to me, I haven’t done baptisms in a while and I’d enjoy doing that.

The attached graphic shows who the Church’s websites are for.

Note added by Mom – a few days ago I received a call from Lynn Corey – he wanted us to know how happy they are to have Allen serving as a tour guide at the Conference Center.