On Saturday, my mother and I went to the post office to weigh my bags to ensure that my bags won’t be over the weight limit set by the airline. To our surprise, we were well within weight limits! We also went to Walmart and did some more shopping, both for groceries and some supplies for my mission.

We also went to a baptism for a man by the name of Zack Monosmith (If you see this, I’m sorry if I misspelled your name). It was a beautiful baptism ceremony, the spirit felt was incredible!

Also on Saturday, I spoke with my roommate, Karl, we let him know when my plane will arrive and learned that he got tickets to see the Ogden Temple open house and that Tabernacle Organist Richard Elliott will be in the same ward that I may attend! It is uncertain as to whether I will attend the family ward (with Karl and Brother Elliott) or the nearby YSA ward.

I slept in until 5:30am on Sunday. I figure if I wake up late on Fast Sundays, I won’t get tempted to eat. It tends to work!

I got to church around 7, improvised a lot on the organ. I played the Washington Post march a few times by memory and selected hymns for Sacrament meeting.

I learned from President Munson, my Branch President, that he has emailed the Tabernacle Choir President asking if there are any service opportunities with the Choir. I won’t be completely bummed if there aren’t any, but I certainly wouldn’t refuse the opportunity to serve in any capacity available. I know I can sing alto and a little bit of mezzo-soprano, but I’d rather not wear a dress. (Legal note:

In Priesthood today, we had a wonderful lesson on integrity. True integrity comes from being righteous and obeying the laws and ordinances of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our lesson was given by Steven Richards, first counselor to our Elder’s Quorum President.

During Sunday School, Sister Weisbeck, wife of our second counselor in the Branch Presidency, gave a lesson on family history work. While the genealogy is important, we tend to forget that stories of our ancestors and our stories are just as important because it makes who we are today.

Today was Fast Sunday, so I won’t go into detail of all the testimonies, but the spirit was very strong to say the least. I picked some classic hymns for Sacrament Meeting.
Opening 3 Now Let Us Rejoice, with the introduction based off Mack Wilberg’s arrangement
Sacrament 172 In Humility, Our Savior, my stop selection could have been better
Closing 249 Called to Serve, complete with the fanfares played on the Tuba stop of the Organ
I played John Longhurst’s arrangement of “Jehovah, Lord of Heaven and Earth” as postlude music.

After I came home, I listened to Music and the Spoken Word and my Mom prepared a Power of Attorney form for me.

Instead of waiting only for something to end, try to enjoy the moments along the way. – Lloyd Newell