I slept in until 6am today and immediately showered and got dressed to be at church by 7:15am. I played the organ for about an hour and a half, choosing hymns for today’s sacrament meeting and rehearsed several of my Sousa march arrangements and Clay Christiansen’s arrangement of “Love at Home.”

Because of the Munson’s being out of town, there were no early branch meetings.

Today’s lesson in Elder’s Quorum was given by all three members of the Quorum Presidency. Our Quorum President has made it a goal for us to learn about the duties and ordinances of the Melchizedek priesthood. Thom, the second counselor shared about service. Brad, our president shared a message about home teaching. Steven, the first counselor shared differences between saving and other ordinances.

In Sunday school, Jeremiah, one of our teachers gave a lesson on King David’s sin against Bath-sheba and the Lord. We first talked about all the good things that David did, because he did do a lot. It is unfortunate when anybody sins, but to cover it up and shrug it off, is much worse. It was a good reminder to all in attendance that when we are tempted to not given in, but if we do, to repent immediately and not try to lie to cover it up.

Today was fast Sunday and as a result, was testimony meeting in Sacrament meeting. There never seems to be a month that goes by that there isn’t a beautiful testimony meeting. The spirit that is felt in those meetings is like nothing else. Because Friday was Independence day, today’s hymns focused on the good in the country. Despite the negative things that seem to be coming from those in government, one thing that does not change is the fact that America is still beautiful and the God of our Fathers still watches over us.

I fed the Munson’s rabbit today and was sweating when I was doing so, not because of the hard work but because it was so humid outside today. I don’t think I’ll miss this humidity on my mission.

I watched Music and the Spoken Word after church today as well. Brother Lloyd Newell’s message was about graditude. My favorite part of the message was,

Gratitude is not just a reaction to our quality of life-it is how we determine our quality of life. 

Tomorrow is Monday and I’m definitely not looking forward to waking up early for work. I’m also hosting FHE tomorrow night as well so I really need to take a nap after work.