I woke up dark and early today at the unmentionable time of 3am. Yikes! I forgot about that time of day. It’s been at least a year and half since I woke up THAT early. Once I get in the swing of things and get used to my sleep schedule, I’m sure that it won’t be too bad. A little less than a month of this and it’ll be time to go on my mission.

This may be my last daily blog update the way work seems to be going, but I’ll still try to post frequently. At my job for Presto, all I do is package store-brand tupperware. Yup, that’s right folks, this is what I do for 9 hours a day, Monday through Thursday, and 6 hours day on Fridays. Like I said, one month. I just need to pay off approximately $1900 in debts (phone cancellation, ER visit, wisdom teeth need to be pulled, unemployment overpayment). If I work for a whole month, use the money I will get from Walmart, and selling my computer; I should have all of this paid off.

Today I took my iPhone to the UPS store in Neenah. It should be back within a week or so. I’m about 2 or three days off on shipping my hackintosh. I’m getting all my files off of it as I write this. I think I have everything I want to save, if not it’s simply too late. I have been saving many of my most important files on Dropbox since I built the computer, so I’m not too concerned about it. I just transferred all my my music to the family computer so when I get my iPhone back, it will be ready for use.

I just helped a friend out by bringing her a meal. I also have a migraine right now, so i’m going to go to bed right now.

Tomorrow I will try to take a nap after work and get in a split sleep pattern. Tomorrow is also the last day of work this week, because Friday is the 4th of July!