My body is so used to waking up at 5am, it did it again today. I hope it won’t do that to me tomorrow.

I worked on getting files off my computer to my Dropbox account because I’m about to ship it.

Mid morning, I had an appointment with the dentist for a cleaning and general teeth inspection. Overall, my teeth got a good grade. Just another step in my mission preparation. I had an hour and a half break and was right back at the dentist office for a consultation for possibly getting my wisdom teeth removed, which we don’t have done at this time.

After my second trip to the dentist, I went to a temp agency because I need a job for just a few more weeks so I can get the rest of my debts payed off for my mission. I start at Presto in Appleton tomorrow at 8:30.

One of the 2 things I was really excited for today came around 4:30. It was a really powerful thunderstorm. By the time it got here, it lost most of it’s strength, but the lightning was beautiful.

Tonight’s FHE was hosted by the Pond family in Sheboygan. FHE here felt a lot like FHE at the Munson’s home with younger children present. We opened by singing “A Child’s Prayer,” I think we would have taken a close second to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing that song. Kjirstin, a member of the YSA branch gave a beautiful lesson on temples and building a firm foundation. She shared how it is important to show how strong your testimony is, not just that you have one. She also likened our lives to today’s stormy weather and that our actions when we face the storms of life determine how strong our testimony will be in the future.

After that inspired lesson, we played the thumbs up game, sharing examples of good or bad things to do in life. We ate ice cream and brownies and then went down stairs to play some more games. I was easily amused by a version of an egg timer that times five seconds with little beads that roll down a spiral ramp.

I arrived home at 10:20 and am alive to write this blog post. Tomorrow is a new day. Peace!