Today I was able to wake up on time at 5am, despite not getting home until 11am yesterday. I’m very gladdened by that.
At work today, we were in the sporting goods department. We assembled a display rack for dumbbells and did some stuff outside.
At institute tonight, we read from Moses 7 & 8. We had 4 students in attendance. The first topic we discussed was the fact that God has emotions as well and what things make God cry.we also talked about how The Lord always warns us before He destroys His people because of their wickedness. The Earth has a living, breathing soul. At the resurrection, Enoch’s Zion and our Zion will meet.
We also learned in Chapter 8 about Noah, that he is the grandson of Methuselah. Noah was a just and righteous man. Sons of God are the righteous, Sons of Man are the wicked.