I surprisingly had no struggle waking up today after the weekend. Hopefully this week will go by faster than last week.

Today at work, we began storting out the fixture bins. I want to pull out my hair, but I want to keep it; so if there is anybody that is willing to let me pull their hair out, let me know.

Tonight, FHE was in Titletown USA. It was hosted by Ben and Rachel Marker (they’re siblings). Ben gave us a lesson on the importance of the book of Mormon. My favorite part of the lesson is he likes when people like and comment on his lesson, a little bit like Facebook. I’m going to stop using the word “like.” After our lesson, I played pictionary with 5 other people, my team lost. After our game, we ate homemade ice cream and berry Oreos.

I also was keeping track of a huge cluster of severe thunderstorms moving across the country. This week could be a very dangerous week for storms. I’m so pumped to see what nature is willing to give me! I love the picture of the twin tornados found in Nebraska last night.